How VC Works – Interaction with Tim Gocher, Founder, Dolma impact

Date: 05 Apr 2019

Time: 11:00 am

Event Venue: Kathmandu

Dolma Impact Fund hosted CNIYEF for an interaction program with Tim Gocher, Founder & Chairman at Dolma. Tim is an alumnus of London Business School and also an Honorary Professor of Sustainable Business at The University of Nottingham. He is an expert in raising and deploying private capital. He has advised governments, sovereign wealth funds and private developers around the world, including in China, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Portugal and the US. Tim shared insights on how Venture Capital works in Nepal and globally and why it can be good option for entrepreneurs to pursue VC funding. He shared his experience in raising funds for Nepal when there were no previous data and examples of a successful VC exit in Nepal. Therefore, he is keen in not just ensuring a successful investment but also exiting within 5 years, thus proving to investors globally that Nepal is a great market for investments. Tim shared that investors in Nepal would be looking at on average 20% Internal Rate of Return (IRR) but that largely depends on the type of company and industry and other factors like social impact. He mentioned that Dolma is open to investments in all industries that does not restrict FDI funding. Dolma has a dedicated fund just for energy projects and a separate fund to investment in other private companies. Dolma has already made huge investments in companies like Suri Khola Hydro, Swet Ganga Hydro, Sastodeal, Cloudfactory, Fusemachines and others.

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