Fighting the Liquidity Crisis with Anil Kesary Shah

Date: 25 Feb 2022

Time: 11AM

Event Venue: Kathmandu

  • CNIYEF members got the opportunity to interact with Mr. Anil Kesary Shah (CEO, Nabil Bank) where he gave his insights into the Liquidity crisis that Nepal faces. It was a tightly packed 1.5-hour session which saw his perspectives on a variety of issues. 
  • Key Takeaways: 
  • Nepal should capitalize on tourism which can come in several forms – International tourists, medical tourism, etc. 
  • Nepal Government should look at ways to incentive FDI in alternate forms such as attracting international matches. 
  • Manufacturing in Nepal can help convert Nepal from import dependency to self-reliance, which will in turn help support the BOP crisis. 
  • Pegging of INR to NPR has helped stabilize NPR at times of crisis such as now. 
  • He shared very interesting stories from the past, which only solidified his solutions. The biggest takeaway remains that this is the time to act, as individuals – each of us should contribute to steering Nepal into a bigger and a better economy in the coming years.

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