Family Business Management

Date: 16 Sep 2022

Time: 10:00 am

Event Venue: Kathmandu Marriott Hotel

Family Business - Often a topic of discussion in Nepal!

CNIYEF had an opportunity to interact with the echelons of business in Nepal - Raj B Shah, Anuj Agrawal and Vikash Dugar. The session centered around the growing importance of succession planning in family businesses, which has been on the rise due to the change in thought process of the newer generation members of the family.

Some of our key takeaways were:
1. Documenting everything is the key to avoiding conflict
2. Consulting some of the experts in Family Business who can help draft a constitution for the family
3. Relying on data can make it easier to present a case for any family member
4. Focusing on health and family is just as important

The learnings can't be described in words, they have left an indelible impact on us.

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