Shikshya Bhattachan

Managing Director, Prabhu Group

Shikshya Bhattachan completed her undergraduate from New York, with a dual degree in Finance and Computer Science. She chose finance due to her family's background in remittance and finance at a time in 2008 and computer science due to her passion. After graduation, she went on to lead Prabhu Money Transfer in the US and expanded her presence in the US from New York to 12 states in total. Additionally, she also launched online money transfers for Prabhu Money Transfer USA. Realizing that the future is online, and the vast security needed online, she pursued MS in CyberSecurity from NYU and graduated in 2019. In 2020, the pandemic caused significant challenges to logistics, and Prabhu Group had just entered this new line of business - Nepal Shipping Lines. And in order to streamline this new line of business in the post-pandemic era, she joined the company and is leading its global operation, mainly in Nepal, Malaysia, India, and Singapore.